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Our company has Machines & Equipment advanced tools and the best service for our customers.


Poomjai ESD Plastic Injection Products offers several paths to provide our customers with injection molded parts to meet RFI, EMI or ESD requirements. and can serve all your needs.

In-Mold - In-mold shielding is another option we can help you be successful with.


Injection molding plastics with fillers requires specialized knowledge to ensure that the properties specified are the properties obtained. We have over 10 years experience molding engineering plastics with all kinds of fillers.


Injection molding filled engineering materials takes attention to detail and excellent quality control. Contact us to find out how our expertise and service can make your projects a success.


Jig & Fixture is a tool for the industry, which has been used for the production precise same, every piece of the relationship and the correct position during Jig & Fixture for specimen must be maintained to remain the same over time. Jig & Fixture is designed and built to hold and position work for every piece.


Our company has expertise in the design of Jig & Fixture and ideas to help clients improve their equipment . Tools. Jig & Fixture , which in most cases will be used in the process of manufacturing parts . And the process of assembling a product . Often used in conjunction with equipment which, if we have a good Jig & Fixture appropriate work processes . It can help make the work easy . The fast . Including the cost of producing them.


We have over 10 years experience in Electromechanical Jig & Fixture. Contact us to find out how our expertise and service can make your projects a success.



Poomjai has key competencies in high precision machining, sheet metal fabrication as well as the assembly and integration of equipment and systems for our customers in the
- Automation industries
- Automation Machining
- Automotive Mold & Die
- General Machining
- Disk-Drive Equipments


Our expert engineering staff will work with you from concept to completion to develop the best quality product at a competitive price. Poomjai utilizes standards design software for all applications.
Our capabilities can shorten design reviews, getting your product to the building phase faster.

Whether it's a new design, or looking afresh at an existing facility, Poomjai's engineers and technical specialists are well placed to help get those details right.


The quality policy of the company.

Poomjai Engineering focuses on the quality of the production of our products. And to increase competitiveness. And services to meet customer needs.

All of our practice.

1. The management system standards with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard to treat seriously.

2. Improve the process by reducing the amount of waste.

3. Satisfaction to the customers.

4. Delivery to the customer on time.

5. Increase their knowledge and skills to employees at all levels with training and development of personnel.

6. Focused on the development and improvement of systems and processes continually.


POOMJAI ENGINEERING company has been certified by ISO 9001:2008

( Certificate Number: TH07000379 )